Blue Underground Blu-Ray Release of "Snuff" Uses One of Our Scans

Written by 112 Video on 09/14/15

I recently discovered that the Blue Underground Blu-Ray release of "Snuff" used one of our scans twice, once in a special feature called "Shooting Snuff" and once in the poster gallery. They used the scan of the Video Warehouse big box release - a scan I made of my own personal copy. What I found incredibly interesting is that in the featurette, the video cover art is awkwardly cropped, this was obviously to not have our watermark shown. In the poster gallery, they take a step further, and Photoshop the watermark off. This was not an incident of innocently using an image found in Google search results and just going with it. Instead, they knew exactly where the scan was from and instead of giving credit or contacting the site for an unwatermarked scan, they attempted to remove the watermark and gave zero credit. The funny thing is that you can still see a tiny bit of the watermark remaining. Again, someone went out of their way to not grant the site credit for the incredible resource that it is. I have that very VHS used for the scans right in front of me. There's no doubt that its same exact video used in the featurette and poster gallery. The wear patterns are exactly the same on both covers.

I can't help but ask what goes through someone's head when they remove someone's watermark? Had they just contacted me, I could've given them an even higher resolution scan and without the watermark! All we would have asked for is a small "Thank You" in the credits. Now this release has been out for a while. The DVD release had the same features, but I'm not sure if they also included the scans. Probably so. I have never owned this film on DVD. This comes as a huge disappointment to me as I'm a huge fan of both Blue Underground. The true culprit might actually be Jim Kunz, who edited the featurette.

Below, you can see what I'm talking about. Notice that you can barely see the top of the letters of "CTOR" on the scan used in the poster gallery of the Blu-Ray and the "Shooting Snuff" bonus feature. The situation is also the same for the back cover scan, where they again did a terrible job trying to cover our watermark.

For anyone reading this, I’m not trying to give people a hard time about this. I just feel in good faith, credit should be given where it’s due. Between and, I have spent well over 6 years trying to preserve these covers in a digital archive I can share with the rest of the world. It’s been a lot of work, not only from myself, but also all of the other contributors of the site. Is it so much to ask, in courtesy, for a simple thanks?



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theworldofrudehorror's picture
theworldofrudehorror 2 years 1 day ago

wow, They totally should of given you credit for the picture scan.

MrDrProfSir's picture
MrDrProfSir 1 year 8 months ago

Have you contacted the publisher?