The True Savages of "Eaten Alive: The Rise and Fall of the Italian Cannibal Film"

Written by 112 Video on 05/29/15

UPDATE: I've spoken to Calum and we settled the issue. I have no ill feelings towards him or his work. I hope this resolution leads to a calaboration between our work here at and the work of those who could benefit from it. This would increase our exposure and possibly garner the support we need! Continue to read the original story below:


With the recent release of the Grindhouse Releasing Blu-Ray for Cannibal Ferox came a full length documentary called "Eaten Alive: The Rise and Fall of the Italian Cannibal Film". Excited to watch it, I popped it in immediately after retrieving it from my mailbox. The documentary was decent for the most part. It includes interviews with several of the actors and directors of these films, including Deodato and Lenzi. It also had an annoying feminist I've never heard of who thinks everything in these movies is both sexist and racist (I strongly disagree). Regardless, it was fairly decent. EXCEPT THAT, on a hunch, I rewound the video to take a closer look of the scan for "Shocking Africa". Upon close inspection, I realized it was indeed from

It conveniently had the watermark cut off. This scan was made by myself from my personal collection. Wear on these videos are like fingerprints. It's easy to tell which are my scans.

And then I discovered that they used another one of my scans. Back when I had, I didn't watermark the scans, about 500 of them. As a result, they've ended up all over the web. Including VHS Wasteland, which has ALL of these 500 scans without the watermarks. One of these unwatermarked scans also ended up in the "Eaten Alive" documentary, the one for "Cannibal".

I don't have as much a problem with this one being used, because it was probably found on a forum somewhere or search engine (Although I still feel that you shouldn't use anything you find on the internet without knowing where it came from). I still have this video in my personal collection so I can demonstrate that its my scan fairly easy.

I have since learned from someone that Calum Waddell, who created this documentary, has been accused of similiar issues before:

It’s not a happy accident that the watermark was conveniently cropped from the "Shocking Africa" video and this is what bothers me most - the blatant use of an image without giving credit when you KNOW where the image is from. He can say that the image is from a third party source all night long as he's done before, BUT it would still be quite suspicious how the "Shocking Africa" video is cropped (at the watermark) and the "Cannibal" one is not (because they found the unwatermarked one).

I'm not a jerk or an a$$hole. I'm a pretty decent guy. I've had MANY people contact me regarding particular images and I’ve gladly offered any unwatermarked scans that I had for their project. All I asked is that credit be given to both the site and the contributor. That is all. I make NO claim to own these cover scans or their copyright (even though an argument can be made). In fact, I'm not even a big fan of the copyright law. But what I do firmly believe is that EVERYONE should be given credit for their work - even if that work has fallen into the public domain. Myself and the contributors of have spent hours upon hours of our personal time contributing to the database. It's a whole lot of work to find these videos, make high resolution scans, process them, and then do the data entry on each one in the database. All I and the contributors want is credit for this hard work - for making these covers easily searchable and available.

I've struggled trying to get the support it deserves. It hardly gets any. But I have faith in my heart that we're doing a special thing here, so I've never let this lack of support discourage me. Having a "Special Thanks" in the credits of "Eaten Alive" may not seem like a big deal, but it could help publicize the site quite a bit... but that boat has sailed. It's too late now. Calum Waddell and his editor made the conscious choice to not give credit for any of their images (or at least my images) in the credits. As fellow genre aficionados, we should be helping out each other. At least I've always felt that way. I guess unfortunately, not all of us do.

Our work will not be overlooked!

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boo_ghoul's picture
boo_ghoul 3 years 1 month ago

Why would the makers of the documentary not want to give any credit or even a small special thanks to vhscollector for any scan(s)? Do they think you will want money, or a favor from them in the future?
Very strange.
Not sure why this would be such a big deal to just makes sense IMO to give credit where credit is due.
Practically all movies, documentaries, etc, list a plethora of special thank you's or acknowledgements in the end credits of their feature's.