VHSCollector.com's Top 16 Most Valuable US Horror VHS (Part 2)

Written by Slasher Index on 04/24/12

(Continued from Part 1)

Welcome to part 2! Here we have the top 6 US horror titles that I've seen demanding big bucks. The tough thing with collecting VHS right now seems to be that their value is almost always changing. One day you'll see a particular video sell for $150 on auction on eBay, and then a month later, that same release will go for $60. This is happening all the time and it makes it difficult to pinpoint a value. The ranges below are a general assessment based on my experience with eBay and Amazon over the years. Enjoy!


6) Nightmare (Planet Video) (Buy On Amazon.com)

Here we have a very desirable VHS from the very early years of the big box. With a release date of 1982, this VHS along with the other Planet Video releases are among the first big boxes released. Planet Video is likely a precursor to what would later become Continental Video. Honestly, I prefer the cover art of the Continental release, but the Planet Video one is certainly historical, being it’s the first US release of the sleazy slasher film, and that it was released early in the VHS era. In fact, most, even non-horror, Planet Video releases are extremely rare and collectible with Nightmare taking the cake.

Approx. value $200-$300


5) Warlock Moon (Unicorn Video) (Buy On Amazon.com)

Here we have a release that has a great reason to be valuable: it has an uncut version of the film. I personally don’t know exactly what is different between this and the Shriek Show DVD, but it’s enough to make this video climb the rankings. The cover is crudely drawn (which of course we love) and released by the very collectible label Unicorn Video. Even more rare is the Spanish version of this VHS, which has the same artwork, but with the title in Spanish. It came in two different clamshells: The typical Unicorn sealed artwork clamshell, and the very common paper sleeve one.

Approx. value $200-$300


4) Mama’s Home (Majestic Home Video) (Buy On Amazon.com)

Of all the videos I’ve come across since I’ve been collecting, Mama’s Home was the most difficult to track down. There was almost nothing about this film online, and I mean nothing. At one point, I actually questioned the existence of this video. There was only the IMDb page (no votes, no user reviews) and a small mention of it on a website with a small thumbnail of the cover.  It took me nearly 3 years before I finally saw this thing pop up on eBay. Of all the videos on this list, I consider this one the most difficult to find of them all. The film itself is a hacked up version (courtesy of Majestic Home Video) of Gary Cohen’s Captives, the same guy who gave us the infamous Video Violence films. This release of the film is almost impossible to watch, but it has since been released on DVD the way it was intended to be seen.

Approx. value $250-$350


3) The Demons / The Mummy's Revenge (Unicorn Video)

The Demons is a VHS release that has two things going for it: it’s on a very collectible label and it has totally perverted yet awesome artwork. Unicorn Video rarely disappoints when it comes to their cover art, but when it comes to the most provocative artwork of their library, The Demons wins for sure. A nude woman going down on a nun with a huge demon head in the sky? Count me in! I see this video pop up all the time on eBay, and when it does, it fetches big bucks. I haven’t seen the film, but if it’s any good as the cover (probably not) then it would be worth a look. The Mummy's Revenge is another release that had always been a tough one to find. Although the cover art isn't as cool as the Demons, it still demands big bucks on the market.

Approx. value $250-$350


2) Last House on Dead End Street (Sun Video) (Buy On Amazon.com)

For the longest time, this VHS was the holy grail of the collecting community and to this day I still don’t know why. Some say it’s because Sun Video released several versions of the film and avid collectors and fans of the film have been trying to collect them all. The slipcase is interesting, but nothing too exciting. What we have is a generic black slipcase with a small picture of the poster art glued over it. Demand for this film has dropped somewhat, but it remains to be a highly valuable video. I remember thinking to myself several years ago that people must be nuts to spend four or five hundred dollars on this VHS. But things have shifted since then and we’ve discovered that people are willing to pay even more for a certain other tape.

Approx. $400-$500


1)  Tales From the Quadead Zone (BC Video)

I have always been interested in what makes these particular top tapes so valuable and desired. Is it discussion and talk in forums renewing interest? Is it a love for the film itself? It strikes me odd that this film (or even the one above this one) go for more money than Mama’s Home. Ive seen this on eBay various times selling for huge bucks while I rarely see Mama’s Home listed and it goes for considerably less. What makes Tales From the Quadead Zone more collectible than Mama’s Home? I don’t know. The artwork on this one is memorable with a big goofy skull face (not as awesome as Mama’s Home in my opinion) and the film is fun, but to me, not worth what it’s been going for. But one day of course, like Last House on Dead End Street, Tales from the Quadead Zone will be knocked off its pedestal and replaced with a newly discovered rarity. Only time will tell!

Approx. Value $600-$800

Honorable Mentions (Valued between $100-$250):

Rape (Mogul Communications)
Streets of Death
Night Ripper (International Video Presentations)
A Bell From Hell (Unicorn)
Savage Intruders (Unicorn)
The Mummy’s Revenge (Unicorn)
The People Who Own the Dark (Sun Video)
555 (Slaughterhouse Entertainment)
Zombie (Wizard Video)
7 Doors of Death (Thriller Video)

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