The book box seemed to be the box of choice for MGM/UA Home Video and Warner Home Video (in addition to their clamshells). These had a cover that would unfold or open much like a book. Upon opening them, you would see the VHS in a plastic tray on the right side, and a list of credits below the film's poster or logo on the left.
Wizard Video would release several book box such as Parasite 3-D and Bad Georgia Road. Wizard Video would strangely abandon the casetype, making these unique among Wizard releases. These type of cases weren't exactly common among other companies other than MGM/UA and Warner Home Video.
These are often confused as big boxes, since they are in fact larger than the slip case. But they differ from the big box since they're not as wide, and hold the VHS directly in the box, unlike a big box that has a seperate casing holding the VHS independant of the outer box, such as a tray or clamshell.