What's the most you have ever paid for a VHS tape?

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What's the most you have ever paid for a VHS tape?

In the wild or on Ebay/Amazon.

I find it interesting on various message boards and social media sites that some folks refuse to pay $10 for any tape (hilarious given the rarity/value of some of the tapes we discuss here), and think no tapes are worth more than $10.

Given that, what was the most you have ever paid for a VHS tape?

For me, it would be $40 for the 1991 WCW Halloween Havoc PPV on Ebay. Its one of the rarer wrestling tapes, plus the Halloween Havoc tapes seem to be more collectible for some reason.

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I paid $40 for a Canadian VHS of a German cop film called The Crack Connection.

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Probably between $100-$200, and even that is rare. Most of the videos I own I purchased for under $15.
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Interesting answers so far. 2nd and 3rd most I paid was $25 and $30 for some mid-80s clamshell wrestling and NFL Films stuff. For some reason I NEVER find that stuff in the wild, though I've found stuff like Rocktober Blood, Video Violence 1 & 2, and The Keep in the wild.

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I'm more into buying collections for cheap and sorting through them...I got 50 tapes on Amazon Prime for $10 (there were a couple interesting titles, from old Humphrey Bogart to Schwarzenegger). The price since then has been raised to it no longer being worth it, but craigslist too has people selling them cheap. I did pay $5.50 for this http://vhscollector.com/movie/white-slave, and $8 for this http://vhscollector.com/movie/new-order-substance-1989, but that's as expensive as I get.

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I'm from Italy and I buy VHS tapes mostly in thrift shops where you can find them at low prices, usually from 1 to 3€ (that is something like 1 to 3$) and sometimes on the internet.
I'm talking about the italian version of the tapes with the italian dubbing, because here you'll never find some rare american SOV or something like that, so I mostly buy tapes that doesn't have an italian dubbed release in dvd or bluray yet, the only way to properly watch some old B-Movies in italian, and there are so many.

So, the most I spent on a tape is 29€, but it was for a signed one and the second most is 26€, but usually I buy them only if below 10 and mostly, as I said, for 1-3€.

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Over the last 20 years I've paid anywhere from 10 cents to $75 (The Abomination on Donna Michelle) for tapes. People can limit themselves to whatever price ranges they want, but getting whiny about prices being too high only shows a lack of understanding of any type of collector's market. Prices fluctuate and are ultimately decided by supply and demand. If you want certain rare tapes, you either have to pay for them, hope to find them in the wild (although this is very unlikely these days), or wait and hope prices fall.

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$15: Decline of the Western Civilization Part II, The Metal Years
Bad decision in retrospect, I failed to look up the release info status and didn't know it had gotten an official DVD/Blu-ray release a few months prior to me buying it.

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The most I've paid so far has been $40 for a sealed copy of Fright Show. Best $40 I ever spent!

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I haven't spent more than 8, but I'm only starting. I usually pay max 4 for stuff online.

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I've never spent more than $3 and kicked myself the time I did, for I found the same title the next day for 10 cents in better condition. On average I spend 50 cents up to $1.

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I guess the most I have paid so far is $40 or so.......

I was fixing to offer 50 for something that somene has listed for $45,000.00!! (The first emmet otters jugband christmas (1977) (Well not the FIRST but its the original (Not digitally mastered))) and they rejected it......

They must not really wanna sell it!! (They have another auction and the other one is 85,000.00!!! (A VHS and Beta vopy of the original)