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Most Recently Watched Horror Film

I just watched Cutting Class (1989). Early Brad Pitt role! It was alright. I was really surprised to hear Andy Prieboy in the soundtrack.

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Bloodsucking Pharaohs in Pittsburgh was an amazing recent watch!

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I just saw The House That Screamed, a foreign slasher flick from 1969. It was great!

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Just today watched Silent Night, Bloody Night. Interesting little movie, unfortunately the picture quality was pretty poor.

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Nude for Satan

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Friday the 13th, Pt. III. Just in time for my favorite holiday!

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Not really a horror, but tries to be a horror parody of sorts, Rubber.

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i just watched the newest coffin joe film embodiment of evil, which was an ok film - it was just pretty cool to see joe back to be honest

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I last watched FRIDAY THE 13th PART II on VHS :)

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Trilogy of Terror (1st time I've seen it in like 10 years)

BUT if you count first time viewing, most recent film I saw was C.H.U.D. and man I was blown away with how good it was. I wasnt expecting much though so that probably helped.