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Best Non-Horror Cover Art

Oh come on folks, this is an easy one. For me anyway seeing as how (dont tell the admins this) but I DO NOT exclusively collect Horror VHS. As a matter of fact, for those of you who have been following my YouTube channel for any amount of time would know that I mostly make a living in the sleaze/sex-comedy category. Most if not ALL of my horror VHS have heavy comedy influence in them. But I digest...

Some of the best non-sex comedy cover arts that I have in my collection are Oddballs, Pulsebeat, Kamillions, Wimps, VIRGIN HIGH, Prime Time, and the mother of all VHS and a tape everyone should own- A Man Called...Rainbo

Oddballs is really good though, i like how the one dude on the cover is about to stick a frog in some chicks ass-crack. Its hilarious.

Oh, and an honorable mention goes out to the cover art for King Frat. I recently acquired my copy from Tony Salambonie from the Facebook horror collectors VHS unite trading post group. Its fun.

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Raw Force, Firecracker and Deadly Prey all have top notch artwork. My absolute favorite though is the UK pre-cert of The Ironmaster on Medusa Video. It's a masterpiece like no other.

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Hey guys I have that oddballs vhs and Ironmaster too. Great covers along with so many other 80's movies. I collect from all types of genres but take what I can get, mainly 70's to 80's comedy and horror. I think the comedy,action,adventure,sci-fi covers are the best like Cherry 2000,Choke Canyon,Big Trouble in Little China,Eliminators,Masters of the Universe,Seniors,House of Long Shadows you know the ones that have so much going on in the cover it looks like it'll be an adventure just to watch it. Although sometimes the more on the cover the less of a movie. However I don't collect vhs for the cover art I love them for their everything. They don't write em like that anymore. For being movies they were so real. I have all of these above along with tons of others in my best of the best collection. I'm trying to scan and put up as many as I can but that is a trying process that seems to take awhile to upload a photo?????. So with a lbrary of over 2500+ and steadily growing like the blob(about 50 to 100 weekly) I can see now this is gonna suck. Oh well something to do till 2012. Hey Movs I'd love to get a list of your 80's teen sex/spoof/slease comedies if you have one.

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Don't laugh--but I have also a collection of kid's cartoon vhs, starting back as far as Capt. Kangaroo! Great artwork coverd too from the old cartoon favorites, like Underdg,Charlie Brown, Alvin & The Chipmunks, Jetsons, Flintstones etc.etc. Maybe others find these a fun collectible? The covers are silly but sentimental to many.