Kind of upsetting

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Kind of upsetting

I would LOVE being able to contact the people who put these movies onto the VHS TAPE but sadly most of them ARE NO LONGER! :(

I have found MANY tapes of movies I LOVE and only had in SLP mode and not the best quality (Recorded from a digital network,off analog cable in the 80s/90s,etc (Which isnt 100% the best))

I think having the movie in SP mode and UN-DIGITALLY ALTERED is the BEST copy of any movie you will ever find as ANALOGUE is MUCH BETTER than digital and produces MUCH BETTER sound and picture......... (Natural opposed to technically altered)

I have found a couple STILL IN OPERATION!

Those are about the only two i have found and I have sent them an email THANKING THEM!

Anyone know of any others still in operation?? -- I think giving thanx for such GOOD THINGS as VHS and BETA is a must thing to do (Especially now)

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Got a few to add to your list here!

Ol' Charlie Band's still kickin' it with Full Moon:

Also, while Vestron is gone, it was absorbed into Lions they are essentially the ghost of Vestron.....ish.

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Sorry if this is a month or too late but I think those 2 companies, Empire and Criterion, are different than the ones you maybe thinking of. But like Borgus Weems said, Charles Band's still around with Full Moon and Lionsgate is essentially the ghost of Vestron, and can also be the ghost of Family Home Entertainment/USA Home Video/Lightning Video/Vidmark.