Distributor RCA Columbia Pictures Home Video
Years of Operation 1982 to 1991
City of Operation Culver City, CA
Country United States
# of Releases in Db 487 -

History / Information

The company (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment) was formerly known as Columbia Pictures Home Entertainment (1979–1982), RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video (a joint venture with RCA, 1982–1991), Columbia TriStar Home Video (1991–2001), and finally Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment (2001–2004), before taking on its current name in fall 2004. In some territories, it still goes by its previous identity, however this may not be the case for much longer. In the United Kingdom (and other foreign countries, mainly in Europe), it was known as RCA/Columbia Pictures International Video during the 1980s and early '90s.

As RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video and as Columbia TriStar Home Video, the company distributed many films from New Line Cinema and a number from CineTel Films as well as films from Miramax Films on VHS. On May 29, 1991, General Electric, the parent of RCA sold its 50% share of RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video to Sony Corporation.