Dawayne Johnson new 2018 Hollywood Cinema Story.

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Dawayne Johnson new 2018 Hollywood Cinema Story.

Dawayne Johnson is one of my favourite stars and I love to watch his movies. I am his fan since when he was a wrestler and known as a "The Rock". He is also known for his fabulous work in Hollywood cinema. Almost all of his movies are great and I watched them already. In 2018 he does sci-fi movie Rampage and it will be deliver to the cinema on April 13, 2018. IF you does not know about the movie You may watch Rampage online videos and know more about the story. Besides from Sci-fi movie. He also does two other movies in 2018. Other two are a family drama and action movies.  This is about my Favorite Star Dawayne Johnson and what is about your favourite Star's Story.