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I will share as a news bulletin here what I said in a current forum thread of where I've been.I'm alive. I've just been really ill the past couple of months. It's interfered with nearly every aspect of my life. I apologize for the delay. I will be back on track shortly. As  I... (Read More)
Because I've been sick for the past month, I haven't had the time to address the pending submissions. They've really added up. As I recover, I hope to review them. When I finish with what is pending, I'll open submissions again. Also, new users have to be aware that covers need... (Read More)
Recently, you guys might have noticed that the website was down for a few days. This was due to some awful crashes that were occurring as a result of the website's resources being exhausted. We currently updated a lot of the code to hopefully patch the issue and so far, I haven'... (Read More)
Just a heads up folks, many of you are scanning clamshell covers while they're still under the plastic. To get the best results, please remove the sleeve from the clamshell. I understand that laying the entire sleeve on the scanner doesn't always fit, but there are ways around... (Read More)
Now that we have the revisions system mostly wrapped up, content moderators will now notice some options on the bottom of an "edit" page. As this section states, you should always choose "Create new revision, no moderation". Edits made by content moderators will turn into... (Read More)

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