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Just a heads up folks, many of you are scanning clamshell covers while they're still under the plastic. To get the best results, please remove the sleeve from the clamshell. I understand that laying the entire sleeve on the scanner doesn't always fit, but there are ways around... (Read More)
Now that we have the revisions system mostly wrapped up, content moderators will now notice some options on the bottom of an "edit" page. As this section states, you should always choose "Create new revision, no moderation". Edits made by content moderators will turn into... (Read More)
Just wanted to update you guys on whats been going on since submissions haven't been approved for a while now. The revisions system is mostly complete, the last snag we hit is having approved content appear to everyone, not just admins. Once we sort this out, IT WILL BE COMPLETE... (Read More)
If you don't see your submissions being approved, or if you see ones submitted after yours being approved before yours, its only because we're sporadically testing the revisions system and new moderation process we've created. All submissions have been received, and as soon as... (Read More)
I'm sorry for the issue folks. Its back up. There was a glitch with some old code. We recreated it and there shouldn't be any problems with it now. (Read More)

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