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Since the migration, the site has encountered all sort of issues that resulted in the site going down and pop-up errors on the forms. I'm pleased to say that all this should now be behind us! We can now move forward again with updating the layout and adding new features. Thanks... (Read More)
Sorry folks if you encountered some downtime when trying to access the site. Tonight, it will be down so we can perform some important maintenance stuff. Hold tight. (Read More)
Some of you were having issues while signed in scrolling on your pages. This should be fixed now. If any of you are still having issues, please report them! (Read More)
For the past couple of weeks, the site has had issues receiving e-mails due to us moving the domain of the site. It's only partially working now, but we're still working out the issues. I am not ignoring you, I promise :) If you tried contacting me in the past, try again and I... (Read More)
The migration has been completed. Looks like we might have lost a few items that were uploaded within the week or two the migration was being worked on. There wasn't much, but we are still trying to get them back. If you had made an account or added content during the period... (Read More)

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by gothfan on 03/21/2017
by gothfan
3 days 23 hours
Normal topic Newbie. Have both English and Italian videos. How do I find collectors?
by gdparri on 03/19/2017
2 by JSpartan1989
6 days 2 min
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by CalzoneManiac on 03/15/2017
2 by Videonut324
1 week 21 hours
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by Nivek on 03/17/2017
by Nivek
1 week 1 day
Normal topic RCA/Columbia Club "We Got One!"
by dmbjunky on 03/09/2017
15 by CalzoneManiac
1 week 2 days
Normal topic CBS/Fox Club "Yippee Ki Yay, MF!"
by dmbjunky on 03/13/2017
5 by JSpartan1989
1 week 3 days
Normal topic Attach of the 50 ft women in vhs
by satana on 03/13/2017
by satana
1 week 4 days
Normal topic VHS Cover Edits
by unclesporkums on 03/13/2017
3 by CalzoneManiac
1 week 4 days