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I'm sorry for the issue folks. Its back up. There was a glitch with some old code. We recreated it and there shouldn't be any problems with it now. (Read More)
There's been a lot going on with over the past 4 or so months, so I decided to make a video discussing some of whats been happening behind the scenes. View it here!   (Read More)
Since the migration, the site has encountered all sort of issues that resulted in the site going down and pop-up errors on the forms. I'm pleased to say that all this should now be behind us! We can now move forward again with updating the layout and adding new features. Thanks... (Read More)
Sorry folks if you encountered some downtime when trying to access the site. Tonight, it will be down so we can perform some important maintenance stuff. Hold tight. (Read More)
Some of you were having issues while signed in scrolling on your pages. This should be fixed now. If any of you are still having issues, please report them! (Read More)

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