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The migration has been completed. Looks like we might have lost a few items that were uploaded within the week or two the migration was being worked on. There wasn't much, but we are still trying to get them back. If you had made an account or added content during the period... (Read More)
As some of you know, I've been on the lookout for another developer to help push the site forward. In the meantime, approvals on submissions or responses to forum topics/messages might be delayed, so bear with me. It's been an interesting journey to find a good match for the... (Read More)
Are your old Disney VHS cassettes really worth over $10,000? (Read More)
Over the years, if a video cassette was missing a catalog number, we would put "NONE" or "NEED" in the catalog number field. "NONE" if no trace of a catalog number is present, or "NEED" if the number is obscured or torn off. Many distributors, such as "Kino on Video" don't list... (Read More)
Rivamarsh, contact me! I've noticed that over the past couple of years of trying to contact active users, I'd sometimes not receive a response. I mainly contact people about submission errors and granting additional permissions. So please update your accounts. Rivamarsh, check... (Read More)

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