Africa, Blood And Guts Vhs CoverAfrica, Blood And Guts Vhs CoverAfrica, Blood And Guts Vhs Cover
Cover Title
Africa, Blood And Guts
Year of Release
Cat # / Distributor
NONE - Vidcrest
Format Details
Running Time
Original Title / Year
Africa Addio (1966)
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Johnzombie666 on 02/10/2012
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Slasher Index's picture
SlasherIndex 5 years 1 week ago

I really dig this one. I love Vidcrest, I dont see this one too often!

rivamarsh's picture
rivamarsh 5 years 1 week ago

Great tape, I've always wanted this one. I always wondered if this release actually has the "Africa, Blood & Guts" title on the print and also if it had the Cinemation Industries logo?

Johnzombie666's picture
Johnzombie666 5 years 6 days ago

I actually got this in a trade for a magnetic tape i found for a buck. so with all the shipping, this cost around 4 bucks!