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All Night Long
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All Night Long (1981)
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Screen legends Gene Hackman and Barbra Streisand star as the oddest couple ever to beat the odds in this offbeat comedy that proves a man can lose everything and still love happily ever after. After successful executive, George Duplier (Hackman), is demoted to managing a seedy all-night drugstore, he decides to totally change his life. Leaving his wife, he takes up with Cheryl (Streisand), a sexy but ditsy neighbor - who\'s already had an affair with his son (Dennis Quaid)! Now his hands are full with his wild new woman by day and his weird and crazy customers by night and this screwball romantic comedy.

Although generally seen as a flop, the film opened at #1 on the American film charts with an opening weekend of $1,391,000, and grossed around $10,000,000 worldwide. Adjusting for inflation, this is around $22.5 million in 2000 dollars. The Independent Movie Data Base website lists the film's total U.S. gross as less than $4.5 million.