Amazing Grace Vhs CoverAmazing Grace Vhs CoverAmazing Grace Vhs Cover
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Amazing Grace
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Amazing Grace (1974)
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Who's Comin' to Put an End to Dirty Tricks, Crooked Politicians and Lyin' Mayors! Who? America's Most Glamorous, Sexiest Female Superstar! "Moms" Mabley! It's About Time!
Veteran black comedienne Jackie "Mobs" Mabley is featured in her first (and last) starring vehicle, Amazing Grace. Essentially playing herself, Mabley portrays a feisty ghetto dweller who champions the cause of ex-convict Moses Gunn. With the old lady's help, Gunn is elected mayor, then proceeds to clean up his corruption-ridden administration. Amazing Gracealso includes appearances by Slappy White, Butterfly McQueen and Stepin Fetchit. ~

Release Date: August 30, 1974

Distrib: United Artists