American Hot Wax Vhs CoverAmerican Hot Wax Vhs CoverAmerican Hot Wax Vhs Cover
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American Hot Wax
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American Hot Wax (1978)
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1959. New York City. The battleground was Rock and Roll. It was the beginning of an era. You shoulda been there.

This is the story loosely based on Cleveland disc jockey Alan Freed, who introduced rock'n'roll to teenage American radio audiences in the 1950's. Freed was a source of great controversy: criticized by conservatives for corrupting youth with the "devil's music"; hated by racists for promoting African American music for white consumption; persecuted by law enforcement officials and finally brought down by the "payola" scandals.

Release Date: March 17 , 1978

Distrib: Paramount

Boxoffice: $7,932,571