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Brotherly Love
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46 min (NTSC) (SP)
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Brotherly Love (1995)
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neonnights on 12/23/2016
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Contains 2 episodes called "Paging Nell" and "The Comet". The tape label sticker says these episodes are numbered 28 & 31 respectively but lists them as episodes 31 & 32. Even though it should play "Paging Nell" first it actually plays "The Comet" first.

This tape was a viewing dub from the edited master and was not meant for the general public.

On the screen before each episode it says "edited master" and a date. For "The Comet" the date is 11/20/96 and for "Paging Nell" it's 12/6/96.

There aren't any previews or promos.