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Caveman (1981)
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Videonut324 on 05/21/2013
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A pre-histerical comedy!

Back when you had to beat it before you could eat it...

Back when women were women , and men were animals.

Former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr plays a prehistoric, social outcast who, along with other misfits, forms his own tribe and finds various comic adventures. This spoof is mostly without dialogue besides the expected neanthropic grunt.

Filming was mostly done in a protected ecological research area named "sierra de organos" in the town of Sombrerete in the state of Zacatecas, México. The river and fishing lake scene was shot in the Mexican state of Durango, and some scenes were filmed at the Churbusco Studios in México City. The film features stop-motion animated dinosaurs constructed by Jim Danforth,[2] including a Tyrannosaurus Rex which in one scene becomes intoxicated by a Cannabis-type drug, animated by Randall W. Cook.[3] Danforth was a major participant in the special effects sequences, but left the film "about two-thirds of the way" (his words) through the work because the Directors Guild of America prohibited his contracted on-screen credit, co-direction with Carl Gottlieb. Consequently, Danforth's name does not appear on the film.[4]

Release Date: April 17, 1981

Distrib: United Artists

Boxoffice: $15,965,924 2013: $45,600,500