The Comedy of Terrors Vhs CoverThe Comedy of Terrors Vhs CoverThe Comedy of Terrors Vhs Cover
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The Comedy of Terrors
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The Comedy of Terrors (1963)
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Your favorite creeps...together again!

They put new life in the undertaking business!

A grave case of greed gone too far!

A macabre romp featuring 4 great names from the Horror Hall of Fame!

On the verge of bankruptcy, undertaker Vincent Price hits upon a novel method of drumming up business. Together with his cringing assistant Peter Lorre, Price sneaks into the homes of wealthy old men under cover of night and smothers the sleeping occupants to death--then collects a hefty commission when the victims' relatives come calling. At home, Price is continually frustrated in his efforts to poison his senile father-in-law Boris Karloff, who owns the undertaking business. Meanwhile, Price's neglected wife Barbara Nichols takes quite a shine to the shy Lorre. The homicidal undertaker's best-laid schemes go terribly agley when his latest "customer," wealthy Basil Rathbone, doggedly refuses to stay dead. Joe E. Brown has a cameo as a cockney graveyard attendan

The Comedy of Terrors (1964) is an American International Pictures comedy horror film directed by Jacques Tourneur and starring Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, Basil Rathbone, Boris Karloff, and (in a cameo) Joe E. Brown in his final film appearance. The film also features Orangey the cat, billed as "Rhubarb the Cat". It is a blend of comedy and horror which features several cast members from Tales of Terror, made by AIP the year before.

Release Date: January 22, 1964

Distrib: American International Pictures