Cover Title
Def-Con 4 (Defense Condition 4)
Year of Release
Cat # / Distributor
80050 - Starmaker
Format Details
Running Time
85 min (NTSC) (EP/SLP)
Original Title / Year
Def-Con 4 (Defense Condition 4) (1985)
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neonnights on 05/19/2015
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Rated R

There are 2 variations of this release and they both have the same yellow bordered slipcase with the same graphics and information:

1.) Some of the early copies actually came with the original release New World Video tape, #8424, year 1985, SP Mode, tape has 2 label stickers, the slipcase has a slick waxy feel to it

2.) This actually has the SLP/EP Mode tape with a plain white text label sticker, the slipcase has more of a paper feeling to it