A Delicate Balance Vhs CoverA Delicate Balance Vhs CoverA Delicate Balance Vhs Cover
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A Delicate Balance
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A Delicate Balance (1973)
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he sister who drank too much. The daughter who divorced too much. They're all there when Tobias and Agnes have their little get-together and tear-apart.

A Delicate Balance is a 1973 drama film directed by Tony Richardson. The screenplay by Edward Albee is based on his 1966 Pulitzer Prize-winning play of the same name.
The film was the second in a series produced by Ely A. Landau for his American Film Theatre,[1] a subscription-based program of screen adaptations of notable stage plays shown in five hundred theaters in four hundred cities.

Release Date: December 10, 1973

Distrib: American Film Theater