Diary of a Rebel Vhs CoverDiary of a Rebel Vhs CoverDiary of a Rebel Vhs Cover
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Diary of a Rebel
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El 'Che' Guevara (1968)
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Videonut324 on 05/11/2014
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The titular rebel is Cuban political insurgent Che Guevara, whose life previously given less than stellar treatment in 1969's Che. This time, the "diary" serves as an expository gimmick, tracing Che's life, his involvement with the Castro rebellion, and death in Bolivia with an even mixture of fact and fiction. The cast is largely unknown, save for leading Spanish actor Francisco Rabal and Hollywood expatriate John Ireland. Curiously, neither actor felt the need to include this film in their official resumes, suggesting perhaps a "take the money and run" attitude. Diary of a Rebel is ultimately defeated by low budget, but its intentions are honorable.