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Eat My Dust
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Eat My Dust (1976)
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The greatest car chase ever filmed. See cars, boats, buildings destroyed!
A very funny car.

The craziest driver in town steals the fastest car in the state, and tears up Puckerbush County!

Ron Howard pops the clutch, and tells the world..."EAT MY DUST!"

Charles B. Griffith, author of Little Shop of Horrors, was the writer/director of the low-budget Eat My Dust!. Ron Howard heads the cast as Hoover Niebold, the hell-raising son of rural sheriff Harry Niebold (Warren Kemmerling). The sheriff is forced to chase after his own son when Hoover and his girlfriend Darlene (Christopher Norris) steal a racing car and zoom off to parts unknown. Joining the pursuit is the car's owner, professional racer Big Bubba Jones (Dave Madden). Watch for Ron Howard's dad Rance and brother Clint in supporting parts, and also for Paul Bartel in a bit role.

Ron Howard had written a comedy with his father called Tis the Season and raised half the budget from Australia. He met with Corman agreed to star in the film provided the producer agreed to co-finance Tis the Season. Corman was not enthusiastic about the comedy but said if Howard appeared in Eat My Dust he would let the actor develop a second film which Howard would direct as well as star. This was Grand Theft Auto (1977).[2]
Charles Griffith directed the movie which was shot in four weeks, although Howard's scenes were done in only ten days. It was originally entitled The Car and Griffith says he only suggested Eat My Dust! as a joke, but the marketing department at New World loved it

Release Date: May 28, 1976

Distrib: New World Pictures