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This is Elvis
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This is Elvis (1981)
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For the reenactment scenes, Presley was portrayed in the film by four actors:
Paul Boensch II as Presley at age 10 (Tupelo, Mississippi in 1946)
David Scott as Presley at age 18 (Memphis in 1953, singing in high school, and at a Sun recording session; vocals by [David Scott])
Dana MacKay as Presley at age 35
Johnny Harra as Presley at age 42 (Opening credits, August 16, 1977 death scene from extended version)
Other narrators provided voice-over narrations for Vernon Presley, Gladys Presley, and Priscilla Presley. Presley's former road manager Joe Esposito and girlfriend Linda Thompson provided their own narrations. Presley receives credit only in the extended version prepared for cable and later home video release.
RCA Records released a two-disc soundtrack album for the film in 1981, featuring the first official release of several of Presley's 1950s television appearances. The soundtrack was certified Gold on on August 6, 2002 by the RIAA.
A two-disc DVD set of the film was released on August 7, 2007 commemorating the 30th anniversary of Presley's death. Disc 1 features the original version shown in theaters, Disc 2 includes the extended version with 45 extra minutes of footage.
This Is Elvis is the only Presley movie produced and released by Warner Brothers. Warner Bros. also currently owns other titles with Presley via purchasing Turner Entertainment, including Presley's MGM films and National General Pictures' Charro!.