'Jock' Petersen Vhs Cover'Jock' Petersen Vhs Cover'Jock' Petersen Vhs Cover
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'Jock' Petersen
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Petersen (1975)
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Videonut324 on 02/25/2013
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Release: November 1975

Distrib: Avco/Embassy

The 80s , after the success of BREAKER MORANT, MAD MAX, GALLIPOLI and others, saw a boom in Australian films. The vhs companies in America bought many of them -even ones that were not theatrical;ly released stateside-in order to fill their libraries.

Retitled 'JOCK' PETERSEN for American audiences-this film was R rated but very explicit sexually.

Trivia: What recent 2 time Oscar nominee appears here?

What was done to MAD MAX before it came to U.S. theaters?