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Lady Ice
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Lady Ice (1973)
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SHE wanted a fortune in jewels ... HE wanted her!

He's looking for trouble and here she is.

In this stylish caper drama, Andy Hammond (Donald Sutherland) is a detective working with an insurance company who is investigating the theft of $3 million in diamonds. While Andy is initially eager to crack the case and bring the burglars to justice, his attitudes begin to shift when he meets Paula Booth (Jennifer O'Neill), a wealthy and beautiful woman who whose father Paul (Patrick Magee) is well-known as a "fence" for stolen goods -- and is the prime suspect in the robbery. Robert Duvall appears in a key supporting role as Ford Pierce, a straight-arrow police detective working with Andy to find the missing gems.

Andy Hammond is an insurance company investigator who is working on a case involving the theft of three million dollars worth of diamonds. He is working enthusiastically to solve the robbery until he meets Paula Booth, a lovely young woman whose father is the prime suspect. .

Lady Ice is a 1973 crime film about an insurance investigator who becomes involved with a wealthy young woman he suspects of fencing stolen jewelry. The film was directed by Tom Gries, and stars Donald Sutherland, Jennifer O'Neill, and Robert Duvall.

Release Date: July 18, 1973

Distrib: National General Pictures