Lookin' To Get Out Vhs CoverLookin' To Get Out Vhs CoverLookin' To Get Out Vhs Cover
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Lookin' To Get Out
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Lookin To Get Out (1982)
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What they're doing is insane, immoral... and working!

Jon Voight starred and co-wrote the script for this comedy (directed by Hal Ashby) concerning two gamblers on the run from their debts who try to score big in Las Vegas. When Alex Kovas (Jon Voight) loses $10,000 to local New York City hoods Joey (Allen Keller) and Harry (Jude Farese) in a poker game, he hightails it to Vegas with his pal Jerry Feldman (Burt Young). In Vegas they make friends with Patti Warner (Ann-Margret), a former call girl, and move into the MGM Grand Hotel after winning big in the casino. But word gets out and Joey and Harry take a trip out West to pay the boys a surprise visit.

Release Date: October 8, 1982 @ Baronet

Distrib: Paramount

Boxoffice: $946,461 2013: $2,626,900