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Luther (1974)
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In 1525 the world was rocked by a powerful explosion. His name was Luther.

The time span covered by the film is 1506–1526: from Luther's completion of his novitiate in the Order of Eremites of St. Augustine in Erfurt to a time just after the birth of his first son Hans (b. June 7, 1526[1]). It is narrated by Julian Glover, who portrays a young knight in the tradition of Ulrich von Hutten and Franz von Sickingen. He takes Luther to task for failing to complete his "revolution" by supporting the peasants in their uprising: "You could have done it, Martin." Luther is confronted in the course of the film six other times, giving him the opportunity to defend himself in his own words. The metaphor of constipation and flatulence is employed to indicate Luther's progression from insecurity to confidence in life.

Release Date: February 4 , 1974

Distrib: American Film Theater

American Film Theater was a series of films from 1973 -1975 that brought to the screen a number of plays opened up .

The films were bought on a subscription basis and many did very well.

Magnetic Video gave a prestiguous packaging to this series when they released them in 1978. Whole it can not be seen too well in the pictures, this box was padded faux leatherette in a clamshell in stark black with gold writing making them look like old books on a shelf when lined up.

Trivia: Of all the films AFT made, which is the only one to be nominated at the Oscars?

In which category?