Morgan Stewart's Coming Home  Vhs CoverMorgan Stewart's Coming Home  Vhs CoverMorgan Stewart's Coming Home  Vhs Cover
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Morgan Stewart's Coming Home
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92 min (NTSC) (SP)
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Morgan Stewart's Coming Home (1987)
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He was just Ducky in "Pretty in Pink". Now he's crazy rich...and it's all his parents' fault.

An ambitious father thinks nothing of using his own son to achieve his political goals in this adolescent comedy. The lonely boy has spent the last seven years tucked away and ignored by his parents, Senator Tom Morgan and his social-climbing wife Nancy, in a distant boarding school. As the story begins, he receives the depressing news that once again they will be too busy to have him home for the holidays. But then, out of the blue, they change their minds and invite him home to stay there for good. The boy is elated, but soon after his arrival, he learns the bitter truth: his father only brought him back because it is an election year and his campaign manager thought he might do better if the public saw him as more of a family man. The boy then decides that it is high time some changes were made around the house and mayhem ensues.

Morgan Stewart's Coming Home is a 1987 comedy film starring Jon Cryer, Viveka Davis, Paul Gleason, Nicholas Pryor and Lynn Redgrave. The screenplay was written by Ken Hixon and David N. Titcher. The film was also released as Home Front and Homefront Riviera in some countries. The film was directed by Paul Aaron/Terry Winsor, but upon release the director was listed as "Alan Smithee", a name often used when directors ask to remove their names from a picture.

In the French version, the film title has been translated into one of the longest film titles ever: Qu'il est dur d'être farceur, d'aimer la musique pop et les films d'horreur quand on a un père qui se présente aux élections, which means "How tough it is to be a prankster, to like pop music and horror films when you have a father who is presenting himself in the elections".
This film was filmed prior to Jon Cryer's starring role in Pretty in Pink, but was only released after that film became successful.

Seven years ago, a senator and his social-climbing wife sent their son Morgan to boarding school and have routinely ignored him ever since. When the holidays arrive this year, Morgan once again gets the sad news that they are too busy to have him come home, but then change their minds and ask him to come home for good. Morgan is thrilled until he learns that his father's campaign manager suggested he improve his "family man" image to assure his re-election. Morgan goes home...intent on reforming his parents.

Distrib: New Century Vista

Release Date February 5, 1987