Son of the Blob Vhs CoverSon of the Blob Vhs CoverSon of the Blob Vhs Cover
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Son of the Blob
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Beware! The Blob (1972)
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Videonut324 on 12/01/2013
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it's loose again eating everyone!

... is back in a horrifying new adventure

Cashing in on director Larry Hagman's fame as star of Dallas, a canny distributor reissued Beware! the Blob (aka Son of Blob) with the come-on line "The Film That J.R. Shot!" Picking up where the original Blob (1958) left off, the film begins as the pudding-like goo thaws out and begins wreaking havoc on the civilized world. Steve McQueen, star of the first Blob, is understandably absent; this time the heroics are handled by Robert Walker Jr., who takes on the Blob himself when the local authorities fail.

Release Date: March 1972

Distrib: Jack H. Harris Enterprises