Two-Minute Warning Vhs CoverTwo-Minute Warning Vhs CoverTwo-Minute Warning Vhs Cover
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Two-Minute Warning
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Two-Minute Warning (1976)
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For some...too much time to wait. For the rest...too little time to run.

91,000 people. 33 exit gates. One Sniper...

Release Date: NOVEMBER 12, 1976

Distrib: Universal

A nightmare of fear and panic unfolds as a lone gunman sets his sights on a sell-out crowd at a championship football game. Academy Award Nominations: Best Film Editing.

When released in 1976, Two-Minute Warning was promoted as an entry into the disaster film genre, complete with an all-star cast attempting to survive an immense riot created by the sniper. Joe Kapp, a former NFL quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings (and Boston Patriots), plays a small role as veteran quarterback Charlie Tyler.
The majority of the movie was filmed following the 1975 football season at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The game footage for the full stadium shots of the L.A. Coliseum was from the Pac-8 college football game between Stanford (4-3-1) and USC (7-1), played on November 8, 1975. Stanford pulled off an upset and won 13-10.[3] The game program used in the production was from the UCLA vs. USC game, with an additional new cover.