A Very Brady Christmas Vhs CoverA Very Brady Christmas Vhs CoverA Very Brady Christmas Vhs Cover
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A Very Brady Christmas
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100 min (NTSC) (SP)
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A Very Brady Christmas (1988)
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In this made-for-TV movie, the characters from the beloved "Brady Bunch" television series return home to spend the holidays together. All grown up with families of their own, the kids all return to take part in the Brady Christmas reunion. All of the original stars, save one, of the original television series appeared in this special.

When the movie first aired, it was the highest rated TV movie of the season with a 25.1 rating and a 39 share[1] but ultimately finished as the second highest rated tv movie of the season.[2] Thanks in large part to the movie's success,[3][4] CBS and Sherwood Schwartz created a new television series in 1990, The Bradys, based on the characters' adult lives; only six episodes were produced.[2] However, since the tone of the new series dealt with adult issues the former Brady kids had to deal with, it was nicknamed "Brady-something", after the TV Show Thirtysomething which dealt with similar issues.[5]
After The Bradys was cancelled, two theatrical films were made later in the 1990s: The Brady Bunch Movie in 1995, and A Very Brady Sequel in 1996. A second sequel - The Brady Bunch in the White House - aired as a TV movie on FOX in 2002

Airdate: December 18, 1988 on CBS