Cover Title
Wanted Dead Or Alive
Year of Release
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99108 - Starmaker
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Running Time
121 min (NTSC) (SP)
Original Title / Year
Wanted Dead Or Alive (1987)
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neonnights on 12/29/2015
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theworldofrudehorror's picture
theworldofrudehorror 1 year 8 months ago

i have this in a different starmaker cover variant

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"Collector's Edition Gold Series"

The only trailer on this tape is for this movie which appears before the movie. After that is the interviews and Rutger Hauer film retrospective as stated on the back of the slipcase. After the film retrospective is an unlisted short promo for this movie that consists of a single scene. However, it must have been filmed before the movie was made because it has many elements in it that weren't in the movie.

The print date on the tape spine is 2/28/95

Rated R
Video by Technicolor