Wild Gypsies
Wild Gypsies Vhs CoverWild Gypsies Vhs CoverWild Gypsies Vhs Cover
Format / Casetype VHS (Slipcase)
Year of Release 1985 (United States)
Original Title / Year Wild Gypsies (1969)
Distributor New World Video (Ent.)
Catalog # 9514
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Submitted By Videonut324 on 08/06/13
Keywords Drama, nudity, Sex, Adventure, Action

Notes / Trivia

The story of people who love with exstacy and die without mercy.

In this exciting adventure, gypsy travelers find themselves threatened by a man they threw out of their band. The vengeful outcast begins raping and killing the clan women. Fortunately, their brave leader brings the killer to justice.

Release Date: October 16, 1969

Distrib: Manson Releasing