Wise Blood Vhs CoverWise Blood Vhs CoverWise Blood Vhs Cover
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Wise Blood
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Wise Blood (1980)
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An American Masterpiece!

US Army war veteran Hazel Motes may not be a believing Christian, somehow observations like the state of a run-down country church, meeting the ridiculous frauds on the streets and memories inspire him to take up, after initially fierce refusal, the part of a traveling preacher when a cab driver insists he looks like one in his new hat. He starts his own new Church of Truth, without the crucified Jesus, his first disciple being an 18-year old simpleton with a 'prophetic gift'...

Release Date: February 17, 1980 @ the Baronet, Manhattan

Distrib: New Line Cinema

John Huston paid his rent by appearing in schlocky movies in the 70s. Creatively, as a director, he regained his acclaim with WISE BLOOD. Alas, New Line Cinema could not make a hit out of it.