Women of the Prehistoric Planet Vhs CoverWomen of the Prehistoric Planet Vhs CoverWomen of the Prehistoric Planet Vhs Cover
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Women of the Prehistoric Planet
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Women of the Prehistoric Planet (1966)
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It's the battle of the sexes as savage planet women attack female space invaders!

See Humans Preserved in Huge Ice Tombs!

See men swallowed in treacherous planet pools of acid!

Cosmos 1, an interstellar spacecraft, is heading to its home base after a long mission when it receives a distress call from its sister ship, Cosmos 3. Some of the ship's Centaurian crew -- members of a once proud race who are now subservient to humans from the fleet's home world -- have rebelled. Cosmos 3 crashes on Solarius, an unexplored planet in a young star system, leaving behind five survivors, among them the Lt. Anderson and Zenda, human/Centaurian couple. The Cosmos 1, under the command of Admiral King (Wendell Corey), makes the three month journey to Solarius at the speed of light, during which, because of the time paradoxes involved in light-speed travel, 18 years elapse on the planet. A landing party led by First Officer Scott (Keith Larson) begins searching for the wrecked ship and any survivors, and discover that this is a tropical world, beautiful and dangerous, filled with exotic birds and flowers, huge lizards and snakes, deadly insects and other animals, and crystaline pools and boiling pits. Meanwhile, Linda (Irene Tsu), a young Centaurian from Cosmos 1, gets lost in the jungle and is rescued by Tang (Robert Ito), a young man living in the primordial forests -- she discovers that he is a Centaurian and the son of Anderson and Zenda. The two are attracted to each other, even as the crew of the Cosmos 1 is trying to rescue her and keep themselves alive. A conveniently timed volcanic eruption forces the issue of how far the admiral can carry this mission.

Leonard Maltin gave the movie one and a half stars[3]and the movie has an 18% rating on the Rotten Tomatoes web site.[4] Other reviewers have assessed the movie as a "bomb" and described the movie as "Typical bad sci-fi ... with horrid special effects."

The film's provocative movie poster features the tagline "It's a battle of the sexes as savage planet women attack female space invaders" and depicts a blonde and a brunette in a catfight. However, there are no "planet women" in the movie as the only female Centurian (Irene Tsu) does not originate from the prehistoric planet. As well, there are no scenes of any women fighting each other in the movie

Release date: April 21, 1966

Distrib: Standard Broder