Just wanted to update you guys on whats been going on since submissions haven't been approved for a while now. The revisions system is mostly complete, the last snag we hit is having approved content appear to everyone, not just admins. Once we sort this out, IT WILL BE COMPLETE after all this time! Also, it will be real soon that content moderators will be able to approve of content as well, not just edit or create revisions.

But while all of this is happening, I have another developer working on other aspects of the site. Next up, the submission form is getting a huge make over. It will look neater, have more fields, and some of the broken functionality will be fixed.

So things are happening. Slowly, but surely.

By the way, we have a donation page up for anyone who would like to help contribute to the expenses of developing and maintaining the site. Visit www.vhscollector.com/donate.


Thanks for your patience guys!


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