The migration has been completed. Looks like we might have lost a few items that were uploaded within the week or two the migration was being worked on. There wasn't much, but we are still trying to get them back. If you had made an account or added content during the period July 20th-30ish, then you might have to make re-make your account or upload the content again.

If the site seems to be performing funny (going down, missing images, etc) its because we're still working out the kinks. Once its complete, we will move forward with the new Layout and Features for the site. Stay tuned! In the meantime, you can start uploading new items again (I see that some of you already started).

I will get to approving the new submissions shortly. Sorry for the delay guys. The migration was complicated due to the size of the website, but all has been going well so far.

Thanks for the patience!


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