Just a heads up folks, many of you are scanning clamshell covers while they're still under the plastic. To get the best results, please remove the sleeve from the clamshell. I understand that laying the entire sleeve on the scanner doesn't always fit, but there are ways around this. You can make two scans of the full sleeve and use Adobe Photoshop to stitch them together (there's a special tool that will stitch two images together just for this purpose). Or if that is not an option and you still must make a 3 part scan, take the sleeve from out of the clamshell and wrap it on the outside of the clamshell over the plastic and then scan. This would improve image quality quite dramatically, since it brings the image closer to the imaging device and doesn't photograph the scratched up clear plastic of the clamshell.


Schools over for me in a few weeks so hopefully I'll be able to make some in-depth tutorial videos on all of this. 


Thanks guys.

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