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Cover Released As Release Year Original Title / Year Cat. # Distributor Format Country
'Tis Pity 1985 Addio fratello crudele (1973)

None Nite Flite Video VHS United States
'Tis Pity She's a Whore 199? Addio fratello crudele (1973)

RED003 Redemption VHS United Kingdom
Bell from Hell, A 198? La campana del infierno (1973)

NONE Unicorn Video VHS United States
Delicate Balance, A 1979 A Delicate Balance (1973)

5504 Magnetic Video VHS United States
Doll's House , A 1989 A Doll's House (1973)

1005 South Gate Entertainment VHS United States
House in Nightmare Park, A 1988 A House in Nightmare Park (1973)

MTR2462 Meteor Video VHS United States
Killer in Every Corner, A 1986 Thriller (TV Series) (1973)

202-903 Thriller Video VHS United States
Man For Hanging, A 1988 A Man For Hanging (1973)

NONE AIR Video (Ariel International Releasing, Inc.) VHS United States
Name For Evil, A 1984 A Name For Evil (1973)

NONE Paragon Video Productions VHS United States
Scream in the Streets / Axe, A 1983 A Scream in the Streets (1973)

Lisa Lisa (1971)

T-710 Best Film & Video Corp. VHS United States
Taste of Hell, A 1985 A Taste of Hell (1973)

9528 New World Video (Ent.) VHS United States
Touch of Class, A 1984 A Touch of Class (1973)

M 812 Media Home Entertainment VHS United States
Touch of Class, A 1979 A Touch of Class (1973)

5001 Magnetic Video VHS United States
Touch of Class, A 1988 A Touch of Class (1973)

SV9087 Video Treasures VHS United States
Virgin Among the Living Dead, A 1985 Christina, princesse de l'erotisme (1973)

073 Wizard Video VHS United States
Warm December, A 1996 A Warm December (1973)

11479 Warner Home Video VHS United States
Alabama's Ghost 1985 Alabama's Ghost (1973)

202-820 Thriller Video BETA United States
Alfredo, Alfredo 1992 Alfredo, Alfredo (1973)

8491 Paramount (Home Video) VHS United States
All the Way Boys 1984 ...Più Forte Ragazzi! (1973)

2022 Embassy Home Entertainment VHS United States
American Graffiti 1998 American Graffiti (1973)

83830 Universal (Home Ent.) VHS United States