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Cover Released As Release Year Original Title / Year Cat. # Distributor Format Countrysort descending
Final Exam 1982 Final Exam (1981)

401530 Embassy Home Entertainment BETA Australia
Lady Stay Dead 1981 Lady Stay Dead (1981)

4057 Syme Home Video VHS Australia
Game of Death Two 1993 Si wang ta (1981)

12796 Roadshow Entertainment (Home Video) VHS Australia
Brainwash 1983 Circle of Power (1981)

T-105 MOV VHS Canada
Bad Blood 1981 Bad Blood (1981)

NONE White Knight Video VHS Canada
Samurai Reincarnation 198? Makai tensho (1981)

NONE Marquis (Video Corp.) VHS Canada
Pit, The 198? The Pit (1981)

NONE Jetline VHS Canada
Revenge of the Zombie 1988 Kiss Daddy Goodbye (1981)

NONE Premiere Entertainment Group VHS Canada
Stormbringer 19?? Day of Judgement (1981)

TE004 Tower Entertainment VHS Canada
American Werewolf in London, An 1989 An American Werewolf in London (1981)

SV9254 Video Treasures VHS Canada
Scanners NONE Scanners (1981)

91028 Malofilm Video VHS Canada
Execution 198? Stark Raving Mad (1981)

NONE Trend Video Concepts, Inc. VHS Canada
Tulips 1986 Tulips (1981)

7012 Family Tyme VHS Canada
Caligula et Messaline 198? Caligula et Messaline (1981)

CP-0258 CIC VHS Canada
Amateur, The 1982 The Amateur (1981)

NONE Pan-Canadian Video Presentation VHS Canada
Snoopy's Home Video Library: It's Magic Charlie Brown / Charlie Brown's All Stars 1984 It's Magic Charlie Brown (1981)

Charlie Brown's All Stars (1966)

M 328 Media Home Entertainment VHS Canada
Escape From New York 2000 Escape From New York (1981)

208158 MGM Home Entertainment VHS Canada
Dead Kids 198? Strange Behavior (1981)

NONE Iver Film Services VHS Canada
True Game of Death, The 1985 Jue Dou si Wang Da (1981)

1333 Interglobal Home Video VHS Canada
Beau Pere 1984 Beau Pere (1981)

M 722 Media Home Entertainment VHS Canada