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Cover Released As Release Year Original Title / Year Cat. # Distributor Formatsort descending Country
Zorro, The Gay Blade 1982 Zorro: The Gay Blade (1981)

1124-20 20th Century Fox Video (Home Ent.) BETA United States
Final Exam 1982 Final Exam (1981)

401530 Embassy Home Entertainment BETA Australia
Burning, The 198? The Burning (1981)

BETA903 Thorn EMI Video BETA United States
Fort Apache The Bronx 198? Fort Apache The Bronx (1981)

VB 6000 Vestron Video BETA United States
Final Conflict, The 1984 The Final Conflict (1981)

1115 CBS/Fox Video BETA United States
Shock Treatment 1985 Shock Treatment (1981)

1184 Key Video BETA United States
Thief 1981 Thief (1981)

4550-20 Magnetic Video BETA United States
Excalibur 1981 Excalibur (1981)

22018 Warner Home Video BETA United States
Fear in the City 1987 Il cappotto di legno (1981)

MOG 1022 Mogul Communications, Inc. VHS United States
Suspicion 1987 American Playhouse (TV Series) (1981)

FR0054 Fox Hills Video VHS United States
Amazing Spiderman: Dr. Doom Conquers the World, The 1985 Spider-Man (TV Series) (1981)

5021 Prism Entertainment VHS United States
Back Roads 1984 Back Roads (1981)

7071 CBS/Fox Video VHS United States
Burning, The 198? The Burning (1981)

VHS 903 Thorn EMI Video VHS United States
Eye for an Eye, An 1982 An Eye for an Eye (1981)

1601 Embassy Home Entertainment VHS United States
All Night Long 1982 All Night Long (1981)

66051 MCA Videocassette, Inc. VHS United States
History of the World: Part 1 1988 History of the World: Part 1 (1981)

1114 Key Video VHS United States
Indiana Jones Trilogy [Box Set] 1989 Indiana Jones Trilogy [Box Set] (1981)

12774 Paramount (Home Video) VHS United States
Tales of Ordinary Madness 19?? Storie di ordinaria follia (1981)

NONE Apex VHS United Kingdom
Blood Camp Thatcher 1993 Turkey Shoot (1981)

VIP046 VIPCO VHS United Kingdom
Scanners 1982 Scanners (1981)

4073 20th Century Fox Video (Home Ent.) VHS United States