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Cover Released As Release Year Original Title / Year Cat. # Distributor Formatsort descending Country
Dead Pool, The 1989 The Dead Pool (1988)

11810 BETA United States
Blue City Slammers 1989 Blue City Slammers (1988)

COH6001 Cineplex Odeon Home Video BETA Canada
Roadie 1989 Roadie (1980)

WK 1040 Wood Knapp Video VHS United States
Thou Shalt Not Kill... Except 1989 Stryker's War (1985)

1025 Starmaker VHS United States
Lady Avenger 1989 Lady Avenger (1988)

1012P South Gate Entertainment VHS United States
Mysterians, The 1989 Chikyû Bôeigun (1957)

L1492 Star Classics, Inc. VHS United States
Double Hit 1989 The Next Man (1976)

1009 Ace Video VHS United States
Shadow Of Death 1989 Destroyer (1988)

KF-0610 SHV (Shochiku Home Video) VHS Japan
Amin: The Rise and Fall 1989 Rise and Fall of Idi Amin (1982)

9092 Goodtimes Home Video VHS United States
Curse of the Blue Lights 1989 Curse Of The Blue Lights (1988)

3179R Magnum Entertainment VHS United States
Sleepaway Camp 1989 Sleepaway Camp (1983)

SV 9074 Video Treasures VHS United States
Rock 'n Roll Heaven 1989 Rock 'n Roll Heaven (1989)

NONE Hot Beauties VHS Sweden
Hawkin's Breed 1989 Hawkin's Breed (1987)

VM 5007 Vidmark Entertainment VHS United States
Berenstain Bears Christmas Tree, The 1989 The Berenstain Bears Christmas Tree (1979)

6380 Kids Klassics VHS United States
Last Movie, The 1989 The Last Movie (1971)

5321 United American Video Corp. (UAV) VHS United States
Secrets Of The Unknown: Tornadoes 1989 Secrets And Mysteries: Tornadoes (1988)

MP1596 MPI Home Video VHS United States
Opium Connection, The 1989 The Poppy is Also a Flower (1966)

None Bingo Video, Inc. VHS United States
Middle Age Crazy 1989 Middle Age Crazy (1980)

1736 CBS/Fox Video VHS United States
Night School 1989 Night School (1980)

7732 CBS/Fox Video VHS United States
Scared Alive 1989 Whodunit (1982)

99395 FILMPAC VHS Australia