Now You See It. Now You Don't. Now You're Dead.

Reviewed by Ross Peterson on 04/02/13
Here is a test of your maturity: try not to make a fart joke out of the title "Demon Wind." With taglines like "There's something deadly in the air," and "It'll blow you away," you know it won't be easy to resist. This wretched film was dually distributed by Paramount Pictures and Prism Entertainment. With its awful synthesizer soundtrack, slimy monsters, gratuitous nudity, and low grade direct-to-video production look, it feels like a Full Moon Pictures release. Charles Band's name, however, is not on it. 


Cory's family has a long history of tragedies. After his father mysteriously commits suicide, Cory becomes drawn to his family's ranch. Something there has been plaguing his family for decades, and he is determined to find out what. Cory enlists the help of several friends to travel to the ranch and help him explore it. Upon their arrival, they find that it is impossible to leave. Before long, a gateway to Hell is opened, and the friends become possessed by demons. It's up to Cory to effectively pull the right magic spells out of his ass in order to defeat the demons, and end his family's curse once and for all.  


Demon Wind is bad. It's Troll 2 bad. The only reasons to watch it are its oozing creatures, a few unintended laughs, and to prove that 1990 was an all-time low in American fashion. The story is such an illogical and underdeveloped rip-off of Evil Dead that it is impossible to take seriously. Why does Cory need so many people with him to look around a ranch in the first place? Do people really roundhouse kick beer cans at each other out of aggression? Why would a demon-defeating magic spell turn its caster into a giant elf?

  The acting is simply nauseating to boot. It's a real test of patience not to put Demon Wind on mute. The quintessence of bad acting is beheld as one of the characters turns into a demon: She stabs her boyfriend in the face with her fingernails and he, blank-faced, falls to his knees and says emotionlessly: "But I loved you..."

Demon Wind is still quite the spectacle. The demons say things like: "You can't kill what's already DEAD," and slap people. The demon voices, which make the sound effects on Goosebumps episodes sound bloodcurdling, sound like the binars on Star Trek: The Next Generation crossed with the Djinn from Wishmaster. The chief demon gets kicked in the nuts, Cory's grandfather pukes yogurt, Cory's girlfriend moons him in a creepy roadside diner... quite the spectacle indeed. 

As a VHS tape, though, Demon Wind is still worth tracking down. It was first released in a hologram box, and these tapes can fetch upwards of $50. Even without the hologram, the cover is pretty cool. There is no Region 1 DVD release, so at least in North America, Demon Wind is an oddity being buried by the past. Find it, watch it, chuckle, shelve it.