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Hi. Just a quick question: I uploaded some new scans during a brief window when the site was up last week. Are those okay (as in not lost), or should I reload...


Hey guys.
I'm visiting NYC with the lady around Christmas-time and was wondering if any of you could recommend a solid spot or two where they sell still...


Hi. Another nit-picky question.

I live in Canada, and while uploading my newest Craigslist haul, I noticed that for a few of the Canadian releases, the...



I picked up a few Betamax tapes yesterday that don't seem to be listed on the site yet, but noticed that all three of them were packaged in what...



Anyone come across a way to determine whether a movie VHS release is EP, SP, or SLP when it isn't listed on the box or tape label?



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Cool idea. I'm Montreal-Canada-based. I've stripped a lot of these stickers off while cleaning up tapes I acquire, but down the line, would you be interested in...

Posted: 08/05/16

Never worked for me. Best I can remember it was always with Movie Time and MGM/UA (MGM/UA Home Video [nid:149]). Only one I've tried and it hasn't worked at any...

Posted: 01/20/16

Okay. I agree. It's not black and white.

So extra distributor=extra listing.
Only extra ratings sticker; same distributor=not a separate listing....

Posted: 01/19/16

Sorry, the Flickr hyperlink cuts off halfway. Can copy the whole Flickr link into a browswer to see the gallery.

Posted: 01/19/16

I still can't figure out why the Series feature isn't working for me during submission. Carefully chose an existing distributor, and still couldn't get Movie...

Posted: 01/18/16

This is the only one I've come across so far: a typo in the title of Diner.

Bit of a long shot, but by watching credits on some of these movies, could we find a person responsible for home video at Fox during that era, contact them...

Posted: 12/23/15