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I cant find the movie  Open Water to load it in my database, Any help here? thanks 


Hey guys,  I'm looking for a nice condition of  Demon Lust, from video outlaw, 2001  Cat # 9500  with Brinke Stevens .. anyone got one for sale plz get in touch...


Hey guys, can anyone help me with buying a copy in nice shape of   "They Live" , would like to buy it asap. jus let me know here or email me.


trying to figure out if the movie Summer camp nightmare has been released on dvd, as i am hunting a few vhs only release.. anyone know?


So guys, like most i collect horror, but i need a simple question answered it might seen easy to some,, but is there a way to tell if a US movie came in a...


Hey guys, new to the site.. as i started to add in my vhs to the "collection" i now have my question.. Does it not allow us to add in "box sets" such as the...


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love discogs and lldb, use them both everyday along with Have many questions i'd like to ask regarding vhs releases and things.. can you friend me...

Posted: 01/02/16

no its not added in already, i dont have a way to scan it or know the ins and outs of adding stuff yet.. i just had it and the alien box set i wanted to add and...

Posted: 01/02/16