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Hello there. CalzoneManiac here to introduce new collectors into the Week and Year code system used on VHS and Beta tapes.

Some tapes (namely, Paramount,...


As some of you may already know, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (also known as MGM) began releasing their movies on VHS and Beta format in 1980. The company they formed was...


Looking for tapes from the following companies

MCA Videocassette, Inc.
MCA Home Video
Magnetic Video
20th Century-Fox Video


Here are some of the recent finds of 2005 VHS tapes...

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle 2005 VHS
The Polar Express 2005 VHS
The Pacifier...


I'm interested in any 20th Century-Fox Video tapes you guys have...


I'm trying to build up a basic VHS collection like some of you guys...I have the following:

Cocoon: The Return 1989 VHS (CBS/Fox Video)
Dad 1990 VHS...